Reimagining the Backyard – A Tiny House on Wheels in the Suburbs


Imagine the transformation of a typical suburban block into a productive, multi-generational shared resource!

Reimagining the Backyard – A Tiny House on Wheels in the Suburbs is the documented story about that journey. At its heart, this Project is about people, place and living well. At a strategic level, this Project is about housing choice and diversity and explores how a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) can facilitate this.

Working within current planning and regulatory frameworks this Project set out to demonstrate a progressive co-housing model that provides another option for those who are unwilling or unable to ‘buy into’ the conventional housing market. It offers one possibility for reimagining the backyard by reframing it as a flexible asset that can sustainably return financial and social benefits to the landowner, the household members and the broader community.

This Project specifically set out to respond to the following Objectives:

  • Preserving the Backyard while addressing housing pressure
  • Contributing to Sustainable Communities
  • Enhancing Social Connection, particularly for older people

To find out what this Project has delivered, we invite you to read Reimagining the Backyard – A Tiny House on Wheels in the Suburbs – available for free download here.

The document sets the scene, provides context and tells the story as it unfolded. A detailed assessment against strategic, regulatory and risk frameworks is also presented, along with Key Findings and Recommendations.

We hope you will enjoy it and welcome your feedback via our Facebook page.

We would love for you to share it as widely as possible.

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