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Re-imagining the Backyard – A Tiny House on Wheels in the Suburbs

At its heart, Reimagining the Backyard – A Tiny House on Wheels in the Suburbs is a project about people, place and living well. Out of the need to find a more suitable home for her retired mum, Kylie with the support of her husband Greg, set out to identify and acquire a property that would allow her family to achieve a number of outcomes. To read on, click to download!

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The Tiny House Planning Resource

An aid for Local and State planning regulators and the broader community to explore potential solutions to housing affordability and density that might be delivered through a range of development scenarios.

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Planning and building permits for my tiny house

To assist prospective tiny house owners in navigating the planning and building regulations around tiny houses (both fixed and on wheels)

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The Tiny House Deep Dive

A report summarising the discussions and recommendations from a one-day workshop where groups of mixed professionals (planners, architects, local and state government reps, community housing providers, academics and people with lived experience) to see what implementation solutions they could come up with. The groups looked at key opportunities and barriers across three scenarios, including planning regulations and definitions, financing and ownership transfer.

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In preparation for the Tiny House Deep Dive, we prepared short videos of three scenarios where Tiny Houses could be a solution.

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Tiny House Roadshow by ATHA (Qld)

The Tiny House Roadshow #3 – Current Affairs was held on May 22nd at the Maleny RSL.

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Tiny Homes Carnival

The Tiny Homes Carnival held in Sydney on the weekend of 7 & 8 March 2020.

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ATHA Adelaide event (4 Nov 2018)

The inaugural Adelaide event by the Australian Tiny House Association.

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Tiny Houses and Eco-villages #1 by Polkadot

On 4 August 2018, in Doonan on the Sunshine Coast, Polkadot ran its first Tiny Houses and Eco-villages festival.

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Community Housing Industry Association Victoria (CHIA Vic) – 2018 Conference

CHIA Vic represents community housing organisations in Victoria. Its 2018 conference had the theme of ” A brave new world of Community Housing”.

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ABC TV segment (3 Oct 2018) – Tiny Houses Red Tape

The Fifth Estate (15 Feb 2018) – Planning for tiny houses

The Owner Builder Magazine (Feb/Mar 2017) – Shifting Landscape for the Tiny House on Wheels