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Are you a property developer who would like to know more about sustainability but don’t know where to start? What are the first steps? What do you need to consider?

With experience as the National Manager for EnviroDevelopment, the UDIA’s property development sustainability rating tool, Valerie can outline the key principles, guide you through the process and even assist you in using the EnviroDevelopment tool to get certified – something worth promoting!

For more information on EnviroDevelopment, visit Or see below to download a brochure for an introduction into the tool.

Healthy Homes

Healthy-Homes-Master-RGB-1-croppedValerie collaborated with Jessica Osborne of Josh Develop to design and deliver workshops to give the skills and knowledge to consumers on how to build better homes. The masterclass provides 9 steps to more sustainable homes and includes everything from selecting land, choosing the right builder, the six focus areas for sustainability, to financing and contracts – everything to enable consumers to confidently embark on making their housing dreams come true. For more information visit the Healthy Homes Masterclass Facebook page.

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