Petition: Tiny, Transportable and Temporary homes for Queensland

It’s a wrap!! The Tiny Homes Expo at the Cleveland Showgrounds finished up yesterday (Sunday 3 Oct 2021) with beautiful weather and great crowds. We took the opportunity to launch a petition to lobby the Queensland State Government to make appropriate changes for Tiny Houses on Wheels and other moveable dwellings. Queensland housing policy and planning legislation should be amended to acknowledge moveable dwellings (including Tiny Houses on Wheels) as a legitimate type of housing. Regulations should allow people to site a moveable dwelling on their own or someone else’s private property, singly or in groups.

Use the QR code or this web address to get to the petition. And once there make sure you share it as widely as possible. We have 440 signatures after only 2 days! Let’s make it 500 and more to make the message loud and clear!!

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