About us

Who are we?

ESC Consulting is a partnership between Rikki Pieters and Valerie Bares. We have a shared value system on providing quality service and products to our clients and a commitment to achieving balanced, best result outcomes. We are solution-focused practitioners and skilled collaborators!


What do we believe in?

Quality – Pragmatism – Collaboration – Ethics

We believe the best solutions to any problem are worked through between all participants in a project. It has been our experience that if each discipline on a project works in silo then the project will suffer from churn, rework and unnecessary delays. It is rare that the decisions of one discipline do not impact on the rest of the team. We also know that one discipline does not hold the key to the best solution – great results are based on team work and collaboration!

Because of this, we are committed to working openly and in cooperation with all project stakeholders to ensure the quickest path to a ‘best-for-project’ result.


It’s part and parcel of our work that we stay informed of the policies and regulations which dictate how and when things are done, on both the environmental and planning front. We are also part of a network of professionals that we can refer to for specialist advice.

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