Tiny Houses

ESC Consulting works in the Tiny House space.

It started when we challenged the planning and building definitions around moveable dwellings to achieve a successful appeal decision for a Tiny House on Wheels in the Brisbane City Local Government Area.

Since then, we have collaboratively developed the Tiny House Planning Resource, an aid for Local and State planning regulators and the broader community to explore potential solutions to housing affordability and density that might be delivered through a range of development scenarios.

We have worked on projects with not-for-profit, private and academic partners to explore compact housing models that are flexible, affordable and sustainable, including a submission to the Density and Diversity Done Well competition (run by the Queensland Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning) based on tiny houses being used to infill older suburbs to create a more dense but richer neighbourhood, and a Tiny House Deep Dive.

All the materials we have developed including the presentations we have given at various conferences and festivals are available at our Tiny House Resources page.

Community Housing

Rikki has a broad range of experience in the social and affordable housing sector. Her experience and skills include the ability to write grant applications for project funding, creating an appropriate and relevant quality management system, project managing small infrastructure and art projects, pulling together accreditation submissions for the various government regulatory schemes, and conduct research into matters relevant to family and social assistance programs.

Valerie has been a director on the Brisbane Montessori School board since 2014. She is the Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee and was on the Middle School committee. She coordinated the development of the Master Plan which led to the planning and successful submission to the Block Grant Authority for a substantial building project. She actively works with the Board to improve corporate governance processes and engineer strategic planning directions.


“The residents and staff at Juniper Guwardi Ngadu would like to thank Rikki for the two weeks she spent with us here in Fitzroy Crossing. Rikki organised various activities with the residents over the two week period. She engaged many residents who normally are reluctant to participate in some of the activities. Rikki spent time yarning to the residents about what they used to enjoy doing and incorporated this into the things she organised for them. Some of the traditional activities included collecting the bush nuts for beading, making damper and painting. Rikki has a beautiful gentle, respectful and caring nature working with the elderly Aboriginal residents.

Thanks Rikki, we hope you come back again next year.”

Elvira Even |Residential Manager |Juniper Guwardi Ngadu |Fitzroy Crossing WA


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