Tiny House Planning Resource

If you think that Tiny Houses could contribute to the mainstream housing supply and diversity in our communities…if you think that they could offer an affordable housing alternative…if you are in property development as a regulator, developer or professional…then here is some food for thought.

Download it.

Read it.

Explore it.

Share it.

Get in touch.

cover final-25pc

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gay Henderson says:

    Couldn’t open the report, wonder if you could send a link.


    1. Thanks for letting me know Gay. I thought I had fixed the problem but obviously not. I will email you the document directly. Please let me know what happens with it. Many thanks.


  2. John Knox says:

    Can’t find where to download the report… 😦


    1. Hello John!
      The picture of the document below the blog text is a hyperlink to the document. The word “here” is also a hyperlink. Clicking on either of those will open up the document.


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