Building/renovating for comfort and low running costs – why wouldn’t you?

Just finished putting the final touches to the workbook which participants will get to use and take home after attending our masterclass – so excited! 60 pages full of such useful information for anyone wanting to build their own home or looking at a renovation.

Next masterclass on 16 September at New Farm. To register visit:

Jessica Osborne (from Josh Develop) and I (Valerie) will be covering off on these nine topics that will make you armed and ready to tackle your project:

Land Characteristics – showing you how certain land characteristics can increase costs & making sure you consider all the elements to location.

Designing for Lifestyle – to get you thinking smart about the function of a home & planning for the future.

Building Environmental Resilience – to give you the knowledge of how the climate affects the function of the home & how to plan ahead for it.

Value Add for a Sustainable Home – we will explain the methods of costing both a new build and renovation by considering inclusions lists & energy ratings.

Aspects to Sustainable Construction – with six focus areas in mind, we will give you practical sustainability initiatives, hints & tips, and allow you to start applying this knowledge. You will be amazed at how inexpensive making your home sustainable can be!

Builder Due Diligence – we will explain the factors influencing which builders you can use by discussing topics on licensing, certifiers and planning laws.

Financial Wellness – would you not want to know how to maximise your cash flow and reduce out of pocket expenses?

The Contract & Construction Process – we will make it as simple as possible for you to gain exposure to this environment prior to starting and gain the confidence here to know what you are looking for.

Cost of Not: Return on Investment – studies and real life examples so you can understand the practical application and returns then begin applying sustainability concepts to your own scenarios.


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