Density and Diversity Done Well – with tiny houses of course!

At last!! We can now reveal the entry that we prepared for the Density and Diversity Done Well competition!

This competition was a joint initiative of the Queensland Department for Infrastructure Local Government and Planning and the Urban Development Institute of Australia Queensland, with the endorsement of the Australian Institute of Architects and the Planning Institute of Australia and with support of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and the Urban Design Alliance Queensland.

The purpose of the Density and Diversity Done Well competition was to explore what might be called “the missing middle” and to propose new housing options for Queensland that meet contemporary community, urban and environmental challenges and provoke thought as to possible solutions to these challenges.

DILGP, Density and Diversity Done Well

One hundred entries were received from all over Australia and I did not envy the jury’s task! The winners have now been announced. Of course, our entry was based on Tiny Houses and the deliberate but organic creation of a village – a theme that was shared by many entries.



However this is not the end of this work. The DILGP is hoping for some demonstration projects to be delivered by both the public and private sector. Anyone interested??

A big THANK YOU to Sam Charles-Ginn and Elan Barr of Hardgrave Studios for working together on the ideas and putting together the amazing drawings! And to Lara Nobel of the Tiny House Company for constant feedback and support.

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