Tiny House Deep Dive – Done!

As we come up for air after our Deep Dive, I feel energised for the next round. There was an absolute positive vibe to the room yesterday. So many passionate people wanting to make a difference in this space. It really feels like the start of something big!

A big thank you to all the participants who contributed their time, energy and knowledge to the Tiny House Deep Dive yesterday. Invaluable!! We hope to be able to do justice to your hard work when we come to summarise it all and report back. Looking forward to taking the next steps with you.

A big shout out to QShelter for running and coordinating the event: Leone Crayden, Scott McGregor, Elloise Paraskevopoulos; to Fiona Caniglia for being an amazing lead facilitator; to Lara Nobel for her constant and willing assistance and efforts in all things Tiny House; to our mates from the Tiny House Planning Resource for being there yesterday: Beth Winkle and Heather Shearer; and to Common Ground Queensland for the venue.


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