Brisbane Home Show

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out with The Tiny House Company crew at the Brisbane Home Show. What a crowd!

Their Tiny House on Wheels turned out to be very popular. It seemed that everyone wanted to check out the new ‘Swallowtail’ pod on display.

The talks we delivered on planning and building matters also drew a lot of interest. Common questions from the audience included:

“Where can you a put a Tiny House on Wheels?”

“Do they need a building permit?”

“Can you put more than one on a block of land?”

Being such a grey area, there was a lot to talk about!

To help people navigate their way through the regulatory maze, we’ve put together a bit of guide that can be used to start those conversations with Council. Click here to download a copy of it. Just be aware that it is only a guide and we strongly recommend conducting your own due diligence before proceeding with your project.


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