The report is out!

The summary report for the Tiny House Deep Dive held in October last year has been released. It is available on Q Shelter‘s home page.

It is an excellent summary of the many discussions and ideas that came through during the workshop. The key recommendations are briefly outlined here:

  1. That a Tiny Homes Working Group is formed as a formal network of Q Shelter comprising people who express interest and have a diversity of skills and backgrounds that can assist with the implementation of practical projects and key actions. The role of this group would be to:
      • Promote and support tiny home solutions
      • Work with the different levels of Government to progress a favourable and consistent regulatory framework that is supportive of tiny homes
      • Explore funding and finance options
      • Advance a Tiny Home One Stop Shop to provide practical support to projects.
  2. Advance a practical tiny house project with reference to the scenarios developed in the workshop and possibly with a focus on older women.
  3. Run the Deep Dive Session in other LGAs.
  4. All participants and housing champions are encouraged to promote and support the potential of tiny houses as part of a broader housing system and assist with the distribution of resources and information.

We’re looking forward to progressing these actions! Are you?

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