Biophilic Design Elements

Bio-what? The latin roots of the word biophilia are “bio” for ‘living things’ and “philia” for ‘attraction’ (as opposed to phobias for aversions). So the term “biophilia” means “love of life or living systems”. The hypothesis of biophilia was popularized by Edward O. Wilson in his book, Biophilia (1984) where he defined it as “the human urge…

Tiny House Planning Resource

If you think that Tiny Houses could contribute to the mainstream housing supply and diversity in our communities…if you think that they could offer an affordable housing alternative…if you are in property development as a regulator, developer or professional…then here is some food for thought. Download it. Read it. Explore it. Share it. Get in touch.

Postcard from the Kimberleys

Towards the end of last year I put my hand up to facilitate art activities for the elderly Aboriginal residents at Guwardi Ngadu Frail Aged Hostel in Fitzroy Crossing, WA for a couple of weeks in January 2017. I’ve just completed the first week and it is truly an expansive experience on so many levels….

Update on Tiny House on Wheels Decision

The recent Tiny House on Wheels decision has sent a ripple through the planning community. Brisbane City Council is currently reviewing its approach to the phenomena of Tiny Homes, not just in terms of regulations but also in the broader context of alternative housing options for Brisbane. There is still work to be done.  We advocate the development…

Busy weekend!

Saturday 15 October was a busy day for esc Consulting! Rikki attended the Community Coffee event with Deputy Premier Jackie Trad at West End and had the opportunity to discuss appropriate development and provision of affordable housing within the area. It was a great opportunity to offer comment and support for better design and community planning…